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Best folding treadmill in 2024 – our top compact picks

Best folding treadmill

If you’re looking for the best folding treadmill, you’ve come to the right place. Treadmills, personally, are my favorite way to get my cardio done as I can change the pace, elevation, and program to challenge myself and achieve my fitness goals more efficiently. That said, treadmills aren’t the most low-profile machines out there, can…



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If you’re looking for the best folding treadmill, you’ve come to the right place.

Treadmills, personally, are my favorite way to get my cardio done as I can change the pace, elevation, and program to challenge myself and achieve my fitness goals more efficiently.

That said, treadmills aren’t the most low-profile machines out there, can take up a lot of space, and generally cost a good amount of money. However, all hope is not lost, as folding treadmills can cater to the limited space issue that many face. Their foldability allows them to be easily deployed, used, folded up again, and stored. 

This, however, doesn’t make choosing a single one out of the ocean of choices any easier, and this is where we come in. We’ve put together this in-depth buying guide that lists multiple options and their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.  

Our list of best folding treadmills

  • Best folding treadmill overall: NordicTrack Commercial 1750
  • Best folding treadmill with incline: Echelon Stride
  • Best folding treadmill for small space: XTERRA TR150
  • Best budget folding treadmill: Merax MX00777

How we picked

We looked at and researched various options from different brands and compared them based on their build quality, top speed, price, and other important features to present you with the best options to make an informed decision. We’re always updating our guides with the latest information, so check back for newer additions. 

Best folding treadmill overall

No products found.

Can support up to 300 poundsWeighs 282 pounds
Has a maximum speed of 12 MPH Expensive
Has a max incline and decline of 12° and 3°
EasyLift assist for easy folding 

Our pick for the best folding treadmill overall is the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill, which isn’t without reason. 

First off, this treadmill features a futuristic design that should add to the overall aesthetic of your house. Now, it isn’t just pretty; it’s packed with top-notch features and specifications. It has a maximum speed of 12 MPH, a max incline of 12°, and a decline of -3°. What this means is that it should cater to and challenge runners of all levels. 

On top of that, it weighs 282 pounds, courtesy of its alloy steel frame, and can support up to 300 pounds. So, even if you’re a bit heavy-footed, you can let loose without any worries. If that wasn’t enough to ease your mind, the frame has a 10-year warranty, and other components come with 2 years of warranty. 

The belt is 20” wide and should provide enough space to walk, jog, or run comfortably without stepping on the frame. One thing to note is that while it can be easily folded up, it still takes up a good amount of space, so it will most likely require a designated place. 

As for connectivity options, it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which can connect to your mobile device, Apple Watch, and other gadgets. Add this to the built-in speakers on the 14” HD touchscreen, and you’ve got a killer workout and entertainment combination. 

Overall, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 offers a wide array of options, including 1000s of iFit workouts and workout series that will take you around the world and push you to your limits. Performance tracking also ensures you can adjust your training program to achieve your goals efficiently. So, it’s no surprise that this folding treadmill is at the top of our list. 

Best folding treadmill with incline

No products found.

Lightweight The overall build might not feel as sturdy as other options
Supports up to 300 pounds Low horsepower
Has a 10% incline 
Easy to fold and store 

If you’re looking for the best folding treadmill with an incline, we recommend checking out the Echelon Stride.

Let’s start with the design again. This folding treadmill features a sleek design which should look nice in an office or home setting. That said, it is the biggest treadmill with 115”D x 60”W x 128”H dimensions. These numbers mean it should have enough space to cater to individuals of all sizes without a hitch. 

Add to this its maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, the minimum speed of 0.5 MPH, a max speed of 12 MPH, and you’ve got a near-perfect treadmill with a 10% incline. 

These specifications are impressive, considering the treadmill weighs around 70.8 kg or 156 pounds with an alloy steel frame. This makes it light enough to move around your house or apartment. 

Folding this treadmill is easy due to the auto-fold feature, which transforms it into a 10” platform that can be stored underneath furniture or vertically against a wall. Besides this, it has a built-in device holder with a USB charging port to hold and charge your mobile device or tablet for added entertainment or motivation while you work out. 

It also has two water bottle holders and a digital console that displays information such as calories, distance, speed, incline level, and more. Lastly, it has 8 pre-set programs, which should keep things fresh. 

Overall, regarding foldable treadmills, the Echelon Stride offers decent features at a reasonable price point. On top of that, the auto-fold feature and lightweight frame make it easy to store and don’t take up much space. And the best part is that it doesn’t require any assembly and is ready to be used straight out of the box. 

Best folding treadmill for small space

No products found.

Easy to fold and storeThe side rails don’t have any speed control buttons
Relatively affordable price pointDoesn’t have a motorized incline functionality 
Has three incline levels
Has a max speed of 10 MPH
Has an alloy steel frame

Were you looking for a folding treadmill that won’t take up a lot of space? Look no further than the XTERRA TR150.

With this treadmill, we’ll first go over the folding and incline functionality. The TR150 has a manual incline function with a maximum percentage of 2%. As for the folding, it has a knob that can be pulled to easily fold it into a manageable size for storage or moving. 

This treadmill weighs around 97 pounds or 43 kg, making it the second-lightest treadmill on our list. That said, it doesn’t affect its ability to support much weight as its weight capacity tops at 250 pounds. It also has a maximum speed of 10 MPH, which should be enough for a decent cardio workout. 

The running deck features the XTRASoft cushioned deck technology, which should reduce the impact on your joints and result in a more pleasant running experience. The center console displays basic information like time, speed, and distance, which should help you keep track of your performance. 

The TR150 has 12 pre-set programs with varying difficulty levels that should make your cardio sessions exciting and push your boundaries. All in all, this treadmill has a variety of options, and its dimensions should enable it to fit into the coziest of spaces. 

Best budget folding treadmill

No products found.

Weights 64 kgsDoesn’t have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi options
Supports 300 poundsNo incline or decline settings
Very affordable price point

If you’re looking for a folding treadmill that won’t put a dent in your budget, the Merax MX00777 might be the option for you. 

Let’s look at how much this treadmill costs to kick things off. At the time of writing, this treadmill will set you back by $259.99 (13% discount), with the original price being $299.99. 

As far as this treadmill’s speed and weight capacity is concerned, it maxes out at 7.5 MPH with maximum weight support of up to 300 pounds. While 7.5 MPH might not be a lot for some, it should benefit beginners and large-sized individuals. The lower speeds should help them develop their pace and posture and keep it easy on the joints. 

The MX00777 weighs around 64 pounds or 29 kg, making it the lightest treadmill on our list, yet it can support a good amount of weight due to its robust alloy steel frame. 

On the handrails are shortcut and hand pulse buttons for added accessibility. It features a USB charging port and an AUX port. This should allow you to connect your mobile device to the machine and play music through the built-in speakers. 

Lastly, it can fold by 90°, which should help to store and move it around the house and the 12 preset programs and 3 countdown modes should result in varying workouts.

How to pick the best folding treadmill

Choosing the best folding treadmill can be challenging, and going for the highest-priced option isn’t the best move. There are various factors that you need to consider so that you’re able to invest your money wisely. Here are a couple of those factors:


First, you must consider how easily the treadmill can be folded and how compact it becomes. If the treadmill takes a lot of effort to be folded and doesn’t save much space even after that, then there is no point in investing in it. So, choose an option with a motorized folding function that can be easily folded manually.

Weight capacity

The treadmill’s weight capacity is a crucial aspect that you need to look at before making a purchase. If the treadmill can’t handle your weight, then prolonged use above its threshold will most likely result in partial or complete failure. So, go through the specifications of the treadmill and filter your options based on your preferred weight range. 

Incline and decline options

Incline and decline options offer more versatility and should make your cardio session more interesting and challenging. So, changing up your workout occasionally is always preferred, and these options are a good way to do it. 


Consider the space in your house, apartment, or garage, then select an option. You’ll find treadmills of varying sizes that can be folded, but if the space isn’t enough for it to be fully deployed or stored while it’s folded, it’ll cause frustration. 

Are folding treadmills as good as nonfolding treadmills?

The answer to this question comes down to preference and some other factors. If you have the space and the budget for a full-sized treadmill, then going for it is the logical decision as they most likely have more features and functionalities. 

On the other hand, if you have limited space but still want to go for a run, then folding treadmills should cater to that need while being relatively inexpensive. That said, both categories have options ranging from high-end to budget, so there is something for everyone.


No products found.

After carefully considering the features and specifications of multiple options, we concluded that the best folding treadmill overall is the NordicTrack Commercial 1750. First, it has a smart design and has incline and decline functionality. On top of that, its maximum speed is 12 MPH, with its weight capacity being 300 pounds. The frame has a 10-year warranty and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which only adds to its accessibility. 

If you’re looking to further kit out your home gym, we’ve also covered the best curved treadmills and the best functional trainers that can help you up your game.

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