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Best Home Gym | Top 10 All In One Workout Machines For all Exercises

We picked and reviewed the best home gym for any budget. All in one gym machines allows doing multiple exercises without other equipment, ideal for the home. We’ll cover machines ranging from less than $500 and up to $3,000. But what is a home gym anyway? Well, the term has different meanings.The most basic definition […]


Best Elliptical Trainers for well Under $1000 – Top 6 For Home Use

The elliptical is my favorite cardio machine. Here I review 6 of the best elliptical trainers you can get for under $1000. At least as far as ellipticals go, I don’t think there’s much point in spending more. For most folks, these are more than good enough.You are reading this chances are you already made up […]


Best Elliptical Machines For Home Use Under $200 – Top 2017 Choices

On a tight budget? These are the best elliptical machines you can get for under $200 and they are pretty damn good! In fact, these cheap ellipticals will beat any similarly priced treadmills or exercise bike.In comparison, treadmills are much more expensive to manufacture, they are bigger, heavier and have motors and belts that tend to wear out. […]


Best Treadmills for a Heavy Person – Top 6 User Picks for 2017

Heavy duty treadmills with high weight capacity have features more suited for a heavy person. The best treadmills have better shock absorption and wider belt making them a great choice for big people.With the rates of obesity finally declining in recent years? This is great timing to be included in this statistic and it doesn’t take that much […]


Best 6 Treadmills Under $500 – Top 2017 Editor’s Choice

You can get good treadmills for much cheaper than before. I review the best budget treadmills you can get. Some are well under $500 and are great for keeping fit as stand-alone cardio equipment or as an additional equipment for your home gym. I gathered the best options you could get in 2017.It’s true that in the past, you […]