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Best home gyms in 2024 – our top picks

Best home gyms

If you’re looking for the best home gyms, you’ve come to the right place. Working out at home saves time, you can work out wherever you want, you don’t have to wait for the equipment to get free, and there are several other advantages of doing so. The drawback of working out at home is…



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If you’re looking for the best home gyms, you’ve come to the right place.

Working out at home saves time, you can work out wherever you want, you don’t have to wait for the equipment to get free, and there are several other advantages of doing so. The drawback of working out at home is that the equipment needs to be purchased, and you need a designated space. 

Home gyms offer a solution to this problem, as a single piece of equipment enables you to get a full-body workout. That said, filtering the option that is right for you from an ocean of brands and products is easier said than done, and we understand that.

To that end, we’ve put together this guide that’ll list different options, their details, and pros and cons for you to help you make an informed decision.

Our list of the best home gyms

  • Best home gym overall: Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE
  • Best compact home gym: TRX Training TRX GO Suspension
  • Best smart home gym: Speediance Work
  • Best budget home gym: DASKING home gym

How we picked

We looked at and researched various options from different brands and compared them based on their build quality, features, price, functionality, and other important features to present you with the best options to make an informed decision. We’re always updating our guides with the latest information, so check back for newer additions.

Best home gym system overall

No products found.

Maximum resistance of 210 pounds (upgradable to 310/410 pounds) The power rods could lose resistance over time
Versatile with 70+ exercise options
No-change pulley system 
A good variety of accompanying accessories

The top spot on our list of the best home gyms is Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE, which is for good reason.

First off, this multifunction workout system weighs approximately 174 pounds/78kg and is capable of providing a maximum of 210 pounds/95kg and a minimum of 5 pounds/2.2 kg of resistance. This is courtesy of the Bowflex Power Rods and means that anyone from a beginner to a veteran gym goer should be able to use and push themselves with this equipment. 

The Bowflex Extreme 2 SE provides the capability to train with over 70 exercises, and its no-change cable pulley system should ensure a smooth transition between these exercises. This is because you won’t have to adjust or route the pulley through a different channel, as they are connected to the weight stack and can be used independently. 

On top of that, it comes with various accessories, including a squat bar, a lat bar, an ab training strap, ankle straps, and more. What this translates to is a full-body workout by simply switching the accessories. That said, if the resistance seems less for specific exercises such as squats or lat pull, for which there is an angled bar, you can increase the resistance to 310 or 410 pounds, which requires you to pay a little extra.

Overall, the heavy-duty steel frame of this product, the lightweight for movability, top-notch versatility, and upgradability make it one of the best home gym equipment available on the market.

Best compact home gym system

No products found.

Weights 1.7 poundsWill need separate weights for progressive overload
Easy to carry 
Has attachments for indoor and outdoor workout
Has a 3-year warranty

If you’re looking for the best compact home gym, look no further than the TRX GO Bundle.

First, this suspension training bundle has seven items: an Xmount, a training strap, four resistance bands, a suspension anchor, a door anchor, a bag, and a steel water bottle. 

The great thing about the TRX Go bundle is the level of freedom and versatility it provides. You can start working out wherever you are by leveraging the suspension or door anchor. If you want a designated place, the Xmount should be beneficial.

This setup doesn’t require weights, as you use your body weight and gravity to work your muscles. That said, you can utilize a weighted vest for added resistance or incorporate isometric holds in your workout program. 

On top of that, the four accompanying resistance bands, which range from x-lite to heavy, should also provide a challenge and help you work smaller muscle groups, such as the rotator cuff. You can also use them in tandem with the training strap.

All in all, the TRX Go Bundle doesn’t take up a lot of space; you can even travel with it, and it provides an exceptional performance like nothing else.

Best smart home gym system

No products found.

Variety of modes for different workoutsComes with a hefty price tag 
220 pounds of adaptive resistance Resistance can’t be increased
Comes pre-assembled
Has a good amount of accessories 
Good performance tracking 

If you’re looking for a home gym that offers something extra, then the Speediance Work might be right up your alley. 

First off, the Speediance Work weighs around 90kg/198 pounds and offers up to 220 pounds of adaptive resistance with 0.5kg/1 pound increments. This is due to the two direct-drive engines adjusting the resistance based on your workout program and selected mode. This makes it an ideal option for people of every level, as they can work with their capacity and try to push beyond it without fear of injury or failure.

A neat aspect of this home gym is that you can unbox it and start your workout, as it doesn’t require any assembly. On top of that, it has 4 training modes with varying resistance, concentric, and eccentric, which should cater to a wide array of individuals. 

It also has double-up and spotter modes. The double-up mode lets you work out with a partner using independent tracking and weight control. The spotter mode enables you to attempt movements at heavier weights without fear of failure. It’ll decrease the load when it detects you struggling to complete the rep. 

In the middle, you’ll find a large touchscreen display that can be tilted forward by 90° so you can look at your vitals and performance metrics even if you’re lying on the bench. And if cardio is your preferred method of working out, it also has skiing and rowing modes that should challenge your cardiovascular system like never before.

Lastly, the Speediance Work comes with various accessories, including an adjustable barbell, Bluetooth controller ring, tricep rope, ankle strap, flat bench, and a yoga mat. This should let you go through various exercises effortlessly and get a complete workout in.

Best budget home gym system

No products found.

Lightweight and portableResistance bands lose their resistance over time
Low price point
Stackable resistance of up to 410 pounds
Bar can withstand up to 500 pounds

If you’re looking for the best home gym that won’t put a dent in your budget, the DASKING home gym might be the option for you.

The first thing you should know about this product is that it’s under $150 and should give you a run for your money. It weighs around 7.4 pounds/3.3 kg and comes with 4 resistance bands, with the light band having a minimum resistance of 25 lbs and the x-heavy band having a maximum resistance of 175 lbs. This means that the total stackable resistance comes up to 410 lbs.

This should be enough even for most advanced athletes and give beginners something to work toward. It is accompanied by multiple accessories such as a door anchor, exercise handles, stainless steel hooks, and a 29.5” alloy steel bar capable of withstanding 500 pounds. This means you should be able to stack all the bands on it without worrying about the bar snapping or bending. 

Lastly, this set offers a versatile approach to how and where you work out. This should enable you to work each major and minor muscle group with compound exercises such as rows and squats and isolation exercises like lateral raises. 

Considering the price bracket it falls in, the different levels of enablement, and its portability, it’s one of the best home gym equipment you can buy on a budget. 

How to pick the best home gym

Before investing in a home gym, it’s important to consider some factors that will help you make an informed decision. We’ve listed some of those below.

Fitness goals 

The first thing you need to consider is your fitness goals. Are you looking to take your strength training to the next level or focus more on your cardio session? Only after you’ve determined your goal should you look for an option, as it’ll give you a clear idea regarding the type of equipment that suits your requirements. 


There are options available on the market that could take up a good chunk of space or snuggly fit in the corner of your room. So, measure how much space you have and filter the options available based on that. 


Our mind automatically relates the best product to the highest price tag. That said, you should keep your budget at the forefront, as it’ll help you avoid spending unnecessarily and give you a list of products you can choose from depending on your requirements. 

Build quality

Any gym equipment should have a good build quality as it needs to withstand rigorous workout sessions daily. So, ensure the frame is made from solid or alloy steel and that the parts are under warranty, and check customer reviews for more hands-on analysis. 

Are home gyms a good idea?

Home gyms provide a level of customizability that you can’t find in a commercial gym. You can purchase the exact equipment that fits your needs and fitness goals. You won’t have to wait for the equipment to get free and can get a workout in whenever you have time.

Best home gyms – verdict

After comparing all the options on our list, there was a clear winner: the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE. First, it offers 210 pounds of resistance, which can be increased to 310/410 pounds. The no-change cable pulley system allows for a smooth transition between the 70+ exercises, and it comes with a wide range of accessories that should enable you to hit each muscle group just like you’re in a gym. 

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