How To Do Close Grip Chinups (Videos & Alternative Exercises)

Earnings Disclaimer
Earnings Disclaimer
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    Grab a pull-up bar with a supinated (palms facing you) narrow grip that is slightly shorter than shoulder width.
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    Lift yourself up slowly until your biceps are fully contracted and squeeze for 1-2 seconds.
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    Lower yourself slowly until arms are almost fully extended then repeat for reps.

Variations OF the close grip chin up

Very narrow grip chin up

This narrow chin up grip places even more focus on your biceps. Your back is getting a lot of work in all chin up and pull ups exercises, but doing this exercise you should feel your biceps more than with the other variations, especially the inner head of the bicep muscle.

Close grip chin up with a neutral grip

A neutral grip means is where your palms are facing each other. Not all pull-up bars allow you to grip with a neutral grip. This variation works less of the biceps and more of the back.

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