How To Do One Arm Assisted Chin Ups (Videos & Alternative Exercises)

Earnings Disclaimer
Earnings Disclaimer
  • 1
    Wrap a towel around a pull-bar bar and hold on to the towel with your right arm.
  • 2
    Grab the bar with your left hand in a supinated grip.
  • 3
    Lift yourself up by focusing primarily on your left arm,
    your right hand serves for assistance only.
  • 4
    Lower yourself slowly to almost full extension of the biceps, then repeat for reps.
  • 5
    Complete all the reps with one arm before moving to the second arm,
    due to the intensity of the exercise you may need to rest 30-45
    seconds between arms.

Variations OF the assisted chin ups EXERCISE

Assisting the chin up by holding your wrist

If you don't have a towel, you can assist by grabbing the wrist of your "lifting" arm with your other arm.

Assisting by holding your wrist with the other arm 

Using a pronated grip 

This video shows a pronated grip also called an overhand grip as opposed to a supinated grip (undergrip) in which the palms of your hand are facing you.

The pronated grip works more your of your back and forearms and slightly less of your biceps.

Assisted Pull Up With Pronated Grip

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