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Best commercial treadmill in 2024 – our top picks

Best commercial treadmill

If you’re looking for the best commercial treadmill, you’ve come to the right place. Treadmills come in different shapes and sizes, such as compact treadmills for home use or under-desk treadmills to keep yourself active in the office. However, among treadmills, the commercial ones are the giants, taking everything to the next level.  They have…



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If you’re looking for the best commercial treadmill, you’ve come to the right place.

Treadmills come in different shapes and sizes, such as compact treadmills for home use or under-desk treadmills to keep yourself active in the office. However, among treadmills, the commercial ones are the giants, taking everything to the next level. 

They have higher durability, better build quality, more features, higher speed and incline levels, durable running decks, and more. However, all these features and specifications come at a high cost, and they also weigh pretty high, so moving them around isn’t something you can do on a whim.

That said, plenty of commercial treadmills are available on the market, and if you’ve explored the market, you might’ve found that the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper the more you look.

So, to help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together this buying that lists different options for commercial treadmill, their details, and pros and cons. 

Our list of the best commercial treadmills

  • Best commercial treadmill overall: Bowflex T22
  • Best durable commercial treadmill: Sole Fitness T88
  • Best commercial treadmill for home: Horizon Fitness 7.0

How we picked

We looked at and researched various options from different brands and compared them based on their build quality, top speed, price, and other important features to present you with the best options to make an informed decision. We’re always updating our guides with the latest information, so check back for newer additions.

Best commercial treadmill overall

BowFlex Treadmill 22
  • INCLINE TRAINING: -5 percent to 20 percent motorized decline/incline with extended handlebar grips for high incline work out
400 pounds weight capacity Very heavy
The running deck can be folded verticallyComes with a hefty price tag
-5 ° decline and 20° incline. 
20 resistance levels
Great for tall runners 

If you’re looking for the best commercial treadmill, we recommend the Bowflex T22 for your heavy-duty fitness needs.

For starters, this treadmill doesn’t have the most compact design out there. It has a large build that weighs approximately 336 pounds/152 kg. On top of that, it has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds/181 kg with a max speed of 12 MPH/ 19 KPH. 

What this means is that it should be durable enough to handle multiple rigorous sessions throughout the day without breaking a sweat. And the top speed should cater to a wide range of runners of all experience levels. However, this treadmill will need a designated space and will likely be difficult to move around once set up. 

It comes with 16 preset training programs. This means you can hop on, select a program, and test yourself to see how you fare with a different type of training. However, if you have a custom plan that works for you, you can increase its difficulty by utilizing the -5 ° decline or the 20° incline. 

It features a 22” HD touchscreen, which should display your performance metrics while you work, helping you track your progress better. Besides that, the Explore the World program lets you train worldwide with virtual courses and trainer-led classes. If that isn’t enough, you can stream Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and more while you work out. This should add a layer of entertainment to your workout, keeping you fresh and motivated. However, Explore the World is a paid feature and requires a monthly subscription. 

The T22 has 20 resistance levels that should give even the most advanced runners a run for their money. The Bluetooth heart rate armband should provide vital information regarding the zone you’re in and how much you need to adjust to keep optimal performance. 

The running deck features Comfort Tech cushioning, which should dissipate much of the impact while running, keeping your joints healthy and strain-free compared to ground running. It also has a built-in fan that should keep you cool while your cardio session gets intense and you’re working up a sweat. 

Overall, given its build quality, high weight capacity, and other interactive features – it’s no surprise that the Bowflex T22 is our top pick and is here to stay.  

Best durable commercial treadmill

Sole Fitness T88 Treadmill
  • UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL – Elevate your fitness journey with our New 2023 Sole TT8 Treadmill! Featuring a powerful 4.0 HP motor, this incline treadmill powers your workouts seamlessly on the expansive 22″x 60″ running surface.
-6 ° decline and 15° incline levelVery expensive 
Maximum weight capacity of 400 poundsNeeds a designated space 
3” crowned rollers
4.0 HP motor

If you’re looking for a commercial treadmill that can take a punch, check out the Sole Fitness T88. 

Let’s kick things off with some general specifications. This treadmill has a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds/181 kg, a top speed of 12 MPH/ 19 KPH, and it weighs approximately 296 pounds/ 124 kg. What these specifications indicate is that this treadmill should have more than enough durability to handle whatever you throw at it and should effortlessly cater to larger individuals. The speed range (0.5 – 12 MPH) should let runners find their pace and increase it as they get more comfortable. One thing to note is that this treadmill has a large footprint and will require a designated place. 

The T88 features a powerful 4.0 HP motor and a wide (22” x 60”) running deck. This means that you should have plenty of space to move around, and it should cater to the stride of taller runners as well. 

It also comes with ten preset programs with the option to create 12 custom ones. The preset programs include HRC, Manual, Hill, HIIT, and more. This means this treadmill should offer the versatility to train for different purposes and fitness levels. If that isn’t enough, it also has a -6 ° decline and a 15° incline level, which should change up your usual workout plans and keep things interesting. 

This treadmill features a 15.6” touchscreen display that shows information such as total distance, calories burned, mode selected, and more. On its sides are direct control buttons that let you adjust the incline and speed settings. Below that are controls to start/stop the treadmill, a wireless charging port, and the fan button. All these things combined increase its accessibility and help runners tailor an experience that best suits their needs. 

Best commercial treadmill for home

Horizon Fitness 7.0
  • CONNECT: Quick and easy app connectivity. Stream fitness classes, movies, and music via Bluetooth connection. Integrated device rest securely holds your phone or tablet. A rapid-charge USB port keeps your device powered. No subscription required!
Variable Response CushioningHeavy to move around 
RapidSync drive system
15° incline
Quick dial controls
Comparatively cheap

Were you looking for a commercial treadmill for your home? The Horizon Fitness 7.0 treadmill might be the option for you. 

First off, this treadmill has a top speed of 12 MPH/ 19 KPH and an upper weight limit of 350 pounds/ 158kg. What this means is that it should be able to cater to an array of individuals with varying sizes, and the speed range should cater to runners of all fitness levels. 

Regarding its running deck, it features Variable Response cushioning. How this works is that the running deck is divided into three zones: impact, transition, and push-off. Having the same cushioning across the belt might not give the best results, and pushing against something soft takes away from your launch. 

So, the impact zone has soft padding to reduce the impact on your joints, and the push-off zone has firmer padding that should provide a good launch for the next step and so on. 

The Horizon Fitness 7.0 treadmill has a max 15° incline and sports the RapidSync drive system. What this means is that the speed and incline changes should be fast enough to keep up with your pace. This should reduce the wait time between setting changes, keep you working optimally, and should be perfect for interval training. 

The 7.25” LCD shows information like calories, heart rate, distance, incline, pace, speed, and time. This should give an insight into your performance and how you can adjust it to meet your fitness goals. Besides that, it comes with six preset programs, including 5K, Calorie, Distance, Fat Burn, Hill Climb, Manual, and Max Heart Rate. 

It also comes with a Bluetooth chest strap that can be connected to fitness apps to track your performance. You should also be able to connect your mobile device via Bluetooth and play music or stream videos while you work. You can simply place your mobile device or tablet on the device holder and even plug it in for charging with the USB charging port. 

All in all, this treadmill comes with a handful of features that make it one of the best commercial treadmills you can purchase for your home.

How to pick the best commercial treadmill

Before investing in any commercial treadmill, it’s important to take into consideration some factors that will help you make an informed decision. We’ve listed some of those below.

Weight capacity 

The treadmill you’re looking to purchase should be able to handle your weight effortlessly. This is important because if you’re going above the recommended weight limit, there is a chance the treadmill could get damaged. On top of that, having a higher cap on the weight also opens up the possibility of adding weights to the equation. 

Build quality 

One of the most important things to look for is the build quality of the treadmill. Consider the material the frame is made from, such as alloy or solid steel. Go through the reviews, as they should provide better insight regarding its overall sturdiness and durability. If the treadmill doesn’t have a promising build quality, chances are it might not last you long, and you’ll have to get it repaired or purchase a new one. 

Speed/Incline settings 

Features such as speed and incline settings can determine how efficiently you reach your fitness goals. Adding a little inclination to the mix should make your session more challenging and burn more calories, or you could slow down and have a casual stroll. Also, check if the treadmill comes with a remote that can adjust these settings or has controls on the handlebars. This makes making slight changes easier without stopping or breaking your pace. 

Deck cushioning

Go for an option with a good amount of deck cushioning or the latest cushioning technology. This is because a cushioned deck reduces the impact on your joints and helps avoid or lessen any pain or discomfort, resulting in a comfortable workout.

What is the difference between commercial and personal treadmills? 

There are a couple of differences between commercial and personal treadmills. Commercial treadmills have more powerful motors; they are generally larger, heavier, and have a high weight capacity as they need to cater to a wide array of individuals. On the other hand, personal treadmills have a small footprint, or they can be folded. The weight limit is good but not on the level of commercial gyms, and have different accessibility features such as built-in speakers or auto-folding functionality. 


BowFlex Treadmill 22
  • INCLINE TRAINING: -5 percent to 20 percent motorized decline/incline with extended handlebar grips for high incline work out

To sum up, we looked at treadmills from different brands, compared them based on their features and specifications, and concluded that the Bowflex T22 is the best commercial treadmill available. First, it has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, a max speed of 12 MPH, 20 incline and six decline levels, 16 preset training programs, and Comfort Tech cushioning. So, the Bowflex T22 deserves the top spot on our list, and it’ll be tough for the competitors to take the crown away from it.

If you’re interested in exploring more options, we’ve also covered the best treadmill for heavy person and the best treadmill under $2000 that lists the best treadmills available on the market.

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