Make Your Own Home Gym

It's great if you have a basement or want to make a garage gym, but even your bedroom, living room or any small space will is fine.

Home Workouts Without Equipment

There are some very effective exercises you can do at home even if you have no equipment at all.

DIY Workout Equipment

If you are on a budget, check our guides on how to make your own weights and other home workout equipment using household stuff.

Grow Stronger at Home

Whether you are just looking to get more fit or want to build muscle, you'll be surprised how stronger more muscular you can get at home without going to the gym.

Best Workout Equipment for Home

What's the most recommended strength training equipment for home, and what are the most effective small home cardio machines for burning fat.

About Tim & Lisa

Bowflex Resistance Upgrade

I am a fitness enthusiast and preacher for health with 25 years of experience in strength training, weight lifting, sports nutrition, and body transformation. I dedicated thousands of hours for my education about health, fitness, weight training, and nutrition. I know what works and what doesn't, I'll help you get stronger and leaner without wasting time or spending a fortune.

I'm Lisa, a donut eater turned into a health conscious person turned into a marathon runner (side note: losing some 60+ pounds along the way!) And, if you're more active, you can also get away with eating whatever you like sometimes like I do. I'm on a mission to educate people on getting healthier and more active.