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Essential topics you absolutely must read:

  • What's better a Home Gym or Joining a Gym
  • How you can exercise at home without weights
  • Build your own equipment and save money
  • Make the right choices for your Home Gym
  • What kind of equipment you must never buy

And much more...

About Tim & Lisa

Bowflex Resistance Upgrade

Hey there, I'm Tim, the co-founder of I am a former fitness physique competitor with over 20 years of intense experience in strength training, weight lifting and body transformation. I didn't always look good, I used to look awful, who knew I would turn into weight lifting. I know what works and what doesn't, I'll help you get stronger and leaner without wasting time or spending a fortune.

I'm Lisa, a donut eater turned into a health conscious person turned into a marathon runner (side note: losing some 60+ pounds along the way!) And, if you're more active, you can also get away with eating whatever you like sometimes like I do. I'm on a mission to educate people on getting healthier and more active.

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