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Best incline treadmill in 2024 – our top picks

Best incline treadmill

If you are hunting for the best incline treadmill, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know.  Treadmills provide an ideal way to get your cardio in without getting out of the house. This should be especially great if your preferred cardio exercise is running, jogging, or walking. Treadmills also come with cushioned…



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If you are hunting for the best incline treadmill, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know. 

Treadmills provide an ideal way to get your cardio in without getting out of the house. This should be especially great if your preferred cardio exercise is running, jogging, or walking. Treadmills also come with cushioned running decks that reduce the impact on your joints and muscles, and the best part is that they can stimulate uphill/downhill running. 

What most people don’t know is that running uphill incorporates some muscles that don’t see much action while running on plains. This should help develop those muscles, target more quads, and increase your overall stamina and endurance.

That said, various options are available on the market from different brands, each with more features and functionalities. So, you might be confused about which treadmill you should go for and whether its incline level meets your requirements. 

This is where we come in. We did the research for you and put together this in-depth buying guide that lists multiple options with their details and pros and cons. This information should help you make an informed decision. So, let’s jump right into it, shall we? 

Our list of the best incline treadmills

  • Best incline treadmill overall: Bowflex T22
  • Best home treadmill with incline: Echelon Stride-S
  • Best treadmill for incline walking: Hccsport SOUTIEN-1 
  • Best cheap incline treadmill: Horizon Fitness T101

How we picked

We looked at and researched various options from different brands and compared them based on their build quality, maximum incline level, top speed, price, and other important features to present you with the best options to make an informed decision. We’re always updating our guides with the latest information, so check back for newer additions.

Best incline treadmill overall

BowFlex Treadmill 22
  • INCLINE TRAINING: -5 percent to 20 percent motorized decline/incline with extended handlebar grips for high incline work out
-5º to 20º incline/decline setting Comes with a hefty price tag
Maximum weight capacity of 350 poundsVery heavy
20 resistance levels
SoftDrop folding system

The Bowflex T22 claims our top spot for the best incline treadmill. Let’s find out how it managed to secure the throne. 

For starters, this treadmill has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds/158 kg, weighs 336 pounds/ 152 kg, and has a top speed of 12 MPH/19 KPH. What this means is that it should be durable enough to withstand rigorous training sessions daily and cater to people of varying sizes. 

On top of that, its speed should be more than enough to present a challenge to runners of all experience levels. However, this isn’t a light treadmill, and moving it once assembled might be challenging. So, think about where you want to place it, as it’ll most likely stay there for a while. 

The Bowflex T22 has motorized incline and decline functionality. The incline reaches a maximum of 20° with a -5°decline. This should provide opportunities to evolve your training programs and experience different running methods. 

This treadmill sports a 22” W x 60” L running belt with Comfort Tech deck cushioning. This translates to free movement without compromising your pace or posture due to lack of space. And the cushioned deck should dissipate force while you run, keeping the impact on your joints to a minimum. 

It has a 22” HD touchscreen on which you can stream videos while keeping track of your progress by looking at the performance metrics shown. This should make your cardio sessions fun and help you stay in the desired performance zone longer for the best results. 

It also has a built-in fan with three-speed modes that should keep you cool while you train. On top of that, the simple controls below the screen should enable you to make swift adjustments to the speed and incline settings. 

Lastly, it has 20 resistance levels and six grips, two of which have pulse sensors, and the running deck can be folded easily, courtesy of the SoftDrop folding system. 

Overall, the features and functionalities the T22 brings to the table make it second to none and give it the well-deserved top spot on our list.

Best home treadmill with incline

Auto-folding furniture A slightly larger screen would’ve been better for this price bracket
12° incline
Bluetooth connectivity and USB charging port
Comes assembled

If you’re looking for the best incline treadmill for your home, we recommend you check out the Echelon Stride-S.

First off, this treadmill has an alloy steel frame, which should add to its overall durability. It also has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds/158 kg and a top speed of 12 MPH/ 19 KPH. This means that it should easily cater to a wide array of individuals, including those who are a bit on the heavier side. Its speed limit should also cater to different workout plans, whether they include walking, jogging, or running.

On top of that, it weighs 155 pounds/ 77.76 kg, which should make it sturdy but also present a challenge whenever you plan on changing its location. Be sure to call your friends to help you move it safely or employ outside help. 

The great thing about the Echelon Stride-S is its auto-folding feature. It allows it to be folded down to a 10” deep and 8” tall size. This means you should be able to store it vertically or horizontally against a wall or behind furniture – saving space around your house. 

This treadmill has a maximum of 12% incline, which should be enough to add something different to your usual workout routine. The incline level can be adjusted with the control on the handlebar or through the console, which has direct control buttons for specific elevations such as 3°, 6°, and 9°.

The center console sports a 10” touchscreen display through which you can take online training classes or monitor your performance metrics. It also shows information such as the distance you’ve run and more. 

All in all, due to how quickly it can be folded, stored, and assembled again, it’s one of the best incline treadmills you can buy, and no assembly is required.

Best treadmill for incline walking

Hccsport SOUTIEN-1
  • 3-in-1 Functionality: The Hccsport treadmill offers a versatile 3-in-1 functionality,combining the benefits of a desk treadmill,folding treadmill,and portable treadmill.It features a removable desk for office use,making it an ideal choice for those looking to combine work and workouts seamlessly.With 12 different modes to choose from,this treadmill can be adjusted to suit your preferences and fitness level.
It has triple functionality A 6° incline might not be a lot for some people
Easy to fold and storeNo Bluetooth
Eight shock absorbers
Built-in sound speaker

If a treadmill for incline walking is what you were looking for, check out the Hccsport Soutien-1.

For starters, this treadmill weighs approximately 85 pounds/38 kg and has a maximum speed of 8 MPH/ 12 KPH. This means this treadmill should be light enough to easily move around the house or apartment, and the speed should be fine for walking, jogging, or light running. However, if sprinting is part of your training regimen, this treadmill might not cut it for you.

The Soutien-1 offers triple functionality as it can be used as a walking pad, a treadmill, or a desk treadmill. You can use it as a walking pad by keeping the frame folded, and in this state, it’ll have a speed range of 0.6 to 4 MPH. Meanwhile, the running mode opens the frame with a maximum speed of 8 MPH. 

It also comes with a detachable dashboard, which you can connect to the top of part of the handlebar, effectively turning it into a standing desk treadmill. It also has four levels of height adjustments, so if you’re taller than average, this feature should make things easier for you. 

This treadmill has a 6° max incline level. While this may not be very high compared to other options, it should positively impact your output and performance if you’re planning on just walking or jogging. On top of that, it’s designed to be easily foldable, which should allow you to store it under the sofa, or the bed, or you could even place it in the closet. 

The running belt has five layers and eight shock absorbers, which should work to reduce the impact on your joints and muscles. This is always a good addition as it makes your current running session pleasant while caring for your long-term joint health.

Best cheap incline treadmill

Horizon Fitness T101
  • BEST-SELLING & MOST-RELIABLE: Horizon’s most-awarded treadmill with simple, intuitive controls and durable components. Get started with an exercise routine or train for your next event in the comfort of your home. Easy set-up in 30 minutes.
Johnson Drive SystemShort handrails 
300-pound maximum weight capacity No controls on the handrails 
Intricate padding on the running deck
10° incline 

If you’re looking for the best cheap incline treadmill, the Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill might be for you. 

Let’s kick things off with some general specifications. This treadmill weighs 180 pounds/ 81 kg, has a top speed of 10 MPH/ 16 KPH, and a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds/ 136 kg. What this means is that it should be able to withstand daily usage while catering to a variety of people. 

On top of that, its max speed should cater to most runners, but if full sprinting is part of your training, you might find this treadmill lacking. Moving this treadmill might also be challenging, so it’s recommended to ask your partner or a couple of friends to help you move it around the house or apartment. 

The T101 has a maximum incline of 10°. This means that you can throw a little elevation into the mix to give yourself a new challenge. On top of that, the running deck of this treadmill is designed in three zones: impact, transition, and push-off. The padding in the impact zone is softer to absorb the maximum impact, while the push-off zone is more firm to provide a solid platform. 

It also features the Johnson Drive System, which recalibrates the drive motor after each footstep. This should help you maintain your pace and rhythm, resulting in an efficient cardio workout. 

This treadmill also has Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in charger, meaning you can connect your mobile to the charger and the treadmill and consume content as it also has integrated speakers. On top of that, it comes with five preset training programs that should help you change things up once in a while. 

So, looking at the price bracket this treadmill falls in and the features it’s packed with, we think this is one of the best pocket-friendly incline treadmills you can buy.

How to pick the best incline treadmill

There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind while you’re choosing a treadmill with an incline functionality. We’ve listed some of them below to help you make an informed decision.

Auto/manual incline

The first thing you need to look for is whether the treadmill has an incline functionality. If it does, see whether it’s motorized or manual. Some treadmills offer different incline levels, but you have to set it up manually, which can be tedious. A treadmill that automatically adjusts the incline percentage saves time and effort and keeps you focused on your session.

Incline range

Depending on your training program and how you plan on tweaking it, the incline range can significantly impact it. For example, you won’t feel much difference if the maximum incline is 2°. So, choose an option with an incline range of up to 10° or 15°. 


Customer reviews are an excellent way to gauge how the product performs. Go through different ratings, and if the majority of ratings are bad and are talking about the same issues, it’s highly likely that there is something that the manufacturer needs to fix. So, always take your time and read the reviews and check the authenticity of the reviews as well. 

Deck size

If the running deck can’t support your stride length or is too narrow that your feet might rub against each other or the frame, there is no point in getting such a treadmill. This will only lead to frustration. So, to keep your cardio session pleasant, ensure that the running deck has adequate space for you. 


BowFlex Treadmill 22
  • INCLINE TRAINING: -5 percent to 20 percent motorized decline/incline with extended handlebar grips for high incline work out

To sum up, it was a tough battle between the contenders, but as always, there is only one winner: the Bowflex T22. First, it has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, a maximum speed of 12 MPH, a 20° incline, a -5 ° decline, a 22” HD touchscreen, and 20 resistance levels. All these factors combined gave this treadmill the well-deserved top spot. 

If you’re interested in exploring more options to kit out your gym, check out our best-curved treadmill buying guide for the best picks.

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