How To Do Commando Pullups (Videos & Alternative Exercises)

Earnings Disclaimer
Earnings Disclaimer
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    Stand under a pull-up bar, imagine the bar crosses right between your eyes.
  • 2
    Place your left hand over the bar and grip, place your right hand about an inch after and grip.
  • 3
    Lift up your body until the bar is to the left of your chick.
  • 4
    Lower your body slowly then alternate hands, this time lifting your body up to the left of the bar.

Here's another video demonstrating how to properly do commando pull-ups:



Twisting Commando Pull Ups

In the twisting commando pull up you rotate your body during the pull so that at the end position you are facing the bar (bar under chin). That's as opposed to the regular command pull up in which you pull yourself up so that at the top position the bar to side of your head.

How To Do Twisting Command Pull Ups

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